Resampling Stats for Excel – troubleshooting

1. Resampling is not appearing in my Add-Ins menu (Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016).

A. You may need to open the Resampling Stats program. See #9 below. Also, make sure that you check the left panel (Menu Commands) of the Add-Ins menu (Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016).

*** The Add-Ins menu should be at the top of the worksheet with the other worksheet menus after Resampling Stats has been opened in Excel ***

2. I am getting the error “Compile Error Hidden Module 1” in Resampling Stats for Excel.

A. Make sure that:

1. You are using the current version of Resampling Stats and Excel 2007 or greater (Resampling Stats has been successfully tested up through Excel 2016).
2. Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA are both installed in Excel*
3. Make sure that Excel security is set to medium or low.
4. You should be using Windows and Excel “US English” settings.

In Excel 2007, click on the “Office Button” in the upper left hand corner, followed by:

  1. Click Excel Options in the lower right corner of the Office Button menu
  2. Select Add-ins (in the left hand pane)
  3. At the bottom of the Add-ins menu, click “Go”, making certain that “Excel Add-ins” is visible in the “Manage” menu
  4. From there, use the add-in manager to select the Analysis Toolpak abd Analysis Toolpak VBA add-ins.

*In Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016, select the “File” menu and click on the “Options” entry near the bottom of the File menu.
At this point, the procedure is identical to the Excel 2007 procedure above.

B. Resampling Stats uses the VBA capabilities that come with Excel. Prior to Excel 2007, these capabilities were automatically installed (though Analysis Toolpak and Analysis Toolpak VBA may need to be activated from the add-ins menu). In Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, the VBA components are not automatically installed — they must be manually selected during installation of Excel. If they are missing, you will need to reinstall Excel. The installation of VBA appears to be automatic in Excel 2016 IF you perform an online installation. Otherwise, if you use installation media (USB or DVD) you may need to choose a full installation or choose the VBA components manually.

3. How do I put in my license?

A. With Resampling Stats running, go to Tools>Resampling>RSXL License. Make sure that the Tools menu is fully expanded. If you have a version of Excel other than US English, you may need to request a custom installation file from:

4. I have closed (or uninstalled) Resampling Stats for Excel but I get an error referencing RS when I do a “save as” operation.

A. This is likely due to an Excel crash or abnormal shutdown when the add-in is running. The solution is to reset the toolbars:

1) Open Excel
2) Select “View|Toolbars”
3) Select “Customize”
4) Select the “Worksheet Menu Bar” item
5) Click the “Reset” button and “OK”
6) Select the “Standard” toolbar
7) Click the “Reset” button and “OK”

5. I just received my license, but when I enter it, I get a “license not valid” error.

A. Please check

1) You should be using Windows “US English” settings.
2) You should cut and paste the license code and nothing more, exactly as it appears. Sometimes you can inadvertently capture an invisible “line break” character that will cause the code to fail.
3) Make sure you enter the name too, exactly as it is provided to you. It is case sensitive.

Again, if you have a version of Excel other than US English, you may need to request a custom installation file from:

6. I was expecting to get an email with the information I need to download Resampling Stats for Excel, but I have not received it.

A. Please check your spam filter for a message from

7. I’m a student, I purchased Resampling Stats from a link my professor gave me, but forgot to immediately go and download Resampling Stats. Now I can’t get back there.

A. You can still download Resampling Stats for Excel from the “download” link under “software” in the left navigation bar. Since you already purchased the software, you will receive a license key as soon as we process the order, which you can use with this download.

8. I am getting requests for a password when I close the add-in (and sometimes when I run it).

A. Are you running Google Desktop? There may be a conflict – see .

9. How do I start or load the Resampling Stats for Excel add-in?

A. We recommend that you load the Resampling Stats for Excel add-in using the Start>Programs menu, the Desktop icon (if present),
or from the Excel File>Open or Office Button>Open menu. You can also use the Windows Explorer or File Manager to double-click the
the Resampling Stats icon from its program folder. The Resampling Stats program folder is usually located in the “C:\Program Files” directory.

NOTE: We do NOT recommend that you load the Resampling Stats add-in from the Excel Add-ins dialog.

10. I’ve tried the steps above and I still get the “Compile Error in Hidden Module 1” or “Object Library Invalid” error. What do I do now?

A. Recent Microsoft updates may introduce an issue with the VB 6.0 runtime. You can correct this problem by doing a search for all files ending in .EXD and deleting those files. Use “Start>Search” in Windows XP or in Windows Vista/7, select “Start>Computer” and use the search box in the upper right of the Computer dialog window. Enter *.EXD as the search string and CAREFULLY delete ALL occurrences of these .EXD files. This should fix the problem.

11. I’m resampling over multiple worksheets in the same workbook. I’m getting an error… what is wrong?

A. Resampling Stats for Excel is able to work problems over multiple worksheets in the same workbook. However, the worksheet names must NOT contain spaces. Excel will automatically add an apostrophe to any worksheet name containing a space and this will result in an error in Resampling Stats. Rename the worksheets so the worksheet names do not contain spaces and the problem should be solved.