The Philosophy and Practice of Resampling Statistics

The Philosophy and Practice of Resampling Statistics by┬áJulian L. Simon Preview and Preface Introduction Part I: General Philosophy of Statistical Inference Chapter I-1 – The Role of Statistical Inference in Acquiring Knowledge Chapter I-2 – Statistical Inference and Random Sampling Chapter I-3 – Probability and Chance: Their Nature and Meaning Chapter I-4 – The Philosophical Read More

Resampling: Everyday Statistical Tool

For more information contact Resampling Stats, 612 N. Jackson St., Arlington, VA, 22201 PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS THE RESAMPLING WAY Stats for Poets, Politicians – and Statisticians Julian L. Simon and Peter Bruce Probability theory and its offspring, inferential statistics, constitute perhaps the most frustrating branch of human knowledge. Right from its beginnings in the seventeenth Read More

Pick A Sample

Note: For information about software or other materials mentioned here, please call 703-522-5410, or contact PICK A SAMPLE by Ivars Peterson _Science News_, July 27, 1991 Few college students escape taking an introductory course in statistics. But for many of these students, the lessons don’t seem to stick. They remember the pain but not Read More