Excel add-in version 4.0

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Resampling Stats for Excel is an add-in for Excel for Windows that facilitates bootstrapping, permutation and simulation procedures with data in Excel. The latest release, version 4.0, offers a variety of options for BCA Bootstrap, stratified resampling, custom function iteration, the ability to run up to 1,000,000 iterations with hundreds of score cells (Excel 2007), enhanced stratified sampling capabilities, histograms, an enhanced urn feature, and much more.

The basic procedure is simple: Select the data you want to resample, select “resample” or “shuffle” from the Resampling Stats menu, then specify an output range for the resampled data. Calculate a statistic of interest, then select “Repeat & Score” from the Resampling Stats menu. The resampling operation will be repeated thousands (or tens of thousands) of times, and each time the value of your statistic of interest will be recorded.

Comes with a 230-page user guide (available available online); works with English language versions of Excel for Windows.

Note: Resampling Stats is no longer available for the Mac.

Excel add-in screenshots and features

A step-by-step example using the Excel add-in

Download a 1-year trial version of the Excel add-in (Yes – a whole year!)

New in version 4.0

  • Bootstrap BCA
  • Up to 1,000,000 iterations for a hundreds of test statistics (the score cell and iteration limits depend on the version of Excel)

Other Features of the Resampling Stats Excel add-in version 4.0 (Purchase Online)

  • Histogram offers substantial improvements over Excel’s (better auto-binning, integer auto-binning, user specified bin widths, user-specified number of bins, option for cumulative display)
  • Uses Resampling Stats’ random number generator, not Excel’s (More information on the random number generator)
  • Facilitates stratified resampling (specify nested stratification variables, resample within rows or columns; also resample within specified matrix ranges)
  • Facilitates multivariate case resampling (resample rows or columns as units)
  • Multi-stage resampling (use the output of a first stage resample as input for a second-stage resample)
  • Save your worksheet resampling parameters so you can open it later and redo the same simulations with a single click (or change score cells, or change number of iterations)
  • Iterate formulas to solve difference equations
  • Repeat and Score several thousand cells in one simulation (Excel 2007)
  • User-created custom functions can be resampled

Plus – Resampling Stats provides custom functions that let you generate random numbers from the following distributions:

Uniform integer
Uniform real

System Requirements for the Excel add-in

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 and Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 (32 or 64-bit). This software does not run over a network.