About us

Resampling Stats develops and markets software that implements resampling methods in statistics (including simulations, as well as bootstrap and permutation procedures). Resampling Stats was founded in the late 1980’s, but its main product, the Resampling Stats programming language, dates to 1973. It was implemented first on mainframe computers, then later on Apple, PC and Macintosh machines. Variants for Matlab and Excel were later developed; the latter is the only version still marketed.

Resampling Stats is located in Arlington, Virginia, USA. In the summer of 2006 it was merged into statistics.com , LLC, (703-522-5410, stats at resample.com)

Key Personnel

Julian Simon

A professor in the University of Maryland’s Business School, Simon was the creator of Resampling Stats. In the 1960’s, Simon was teaching research methods and found that virtually all of his students were applying sophisticated statistical methods (and wrong ones, to boot) to relatively simple problems. He turned to a collection of simulation, permutation and bootstrap techniquest to reintroduce the fundamentals of statistical inference (hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, power). He published this compendium in Basic Research Methods for Social Science (Random House, 1969) and later devised a computer language – now Resampling Stats – specially designed for implementing resampling techniques. Simon, who died in 1998, is also well known in the field of natural resource economics and population. His successful bet against population biologist Paul Erlich concerning the prices of natural resources received worldwide attention. (Erlich believed scarcity would drive prices up while Simon believed that human ingenuity and technology would push prices the other way; Simon won for all selected commodities.) For more information, see http://www.juliansimon.org.

Peter Bruce

Peter Bruce has managed Resampling Stats, Inc. since 1989 and has overseen the release of upgrades to the software as well as its expansion to other platforms. Mr. Bruce has also served as the Marketing Director at Cytel Software Corp., makers of StatXact, LogXact and other products that use permutation methods to implement exact statistical tests, and was instrumental in founding the web site http://www.statistics.com, the leading provider of online education in statistics and analytics.

Valerie Troiano

Valerie Troiano has directed sales and managed marketing at Resampling Stats since 1997, and at Statistics.com since 2000. Previously, she was Director of Group Sales for a Caribbean Hotel Company tailoring special programs for the Incentive Travel Industry.