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Resampling Stats Excel add-in allows bootstrapping, shuffling, and repeated iteration of your Excel spreadsheet.

To create a bootstrap resample, (a sample with replacement from a data range) simply highlight the data to be bootstrapped, and select the “resample” tool. Specify the size of your resample and where you want it placed, and the Resampling Add-In will take a bootstrap sample of the specified size from the highlighted data and place it in the desired location.

“Shuffle” works in similar fashion, except the sample is taken without replacement.

To repeat a simulation many times, each time keeping score of a certain cell on the spreadsheet, highlight that cell and select “repeat & score”.

This 1-year trial version is available for download at no charge. Requires Excel  2007 or later, Windows only.

This download version can be extended by purchasing a license. To download the Resampling Stats Excel add-in, please enter your name and email address.

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