What Teachers Say

What Teachers Say About Resampling Stats

"Very useful for helping students break through fear of statistics and the myster of complex algorithms." Daniel J. Walsh, School of Education, University of Illinois

"I have received Resampling Stats and I love it! It encourages the users to play and to explore when used in conjunction with in-class experiments with dice, coins, urns, etc., where it allows us to easily replicate our experiments through thousands of iterations and produce 'better' confidence intervals, it is FANTASTIC." -- Bill Qualls, Waubonsee Community College, IL

"Resampling Stats is an excellent tool for teaching statistics. It allows you to get beyond the 'black box' approach and explain what is really going on." -- D. Andrus, Univ. of Southern California

"[The students] worked entirely on their own [and] ALL learned and ALL understood even somewhat complicated problems and were excited about the course . . . [It was ] the first time in my experience . . . a student said to me that she could hardly wait to get home to solve the problem." -- X. Coulter, Empire State College

"Resampling Stats is, in my judgment, an outstanding program for IBM-PC's. It delivers what it promises . . . The tutorial in the program is excellent. Anyone with a modest knowledge of probability can learn to use the program in a few minutes . . . I can highly recommend it . . . In the area of statistics, Resampling Stats is one of the best I've seen." -- Prof. D.N. Harper, Univ. of Rochester

"The grad student I tested your package on learned bootstrapping . . ., learned how to use your package, and did an analysis at least as complex as [my own major research project] . . . all in the space of 5 hours! . . . He was never happy with traditional stats but is completely comfortable with RESAMPLING. As he remarked: 'It enabled me to concentrate on the biologically important questions without getting lost in minutiae.'" -- Dean Kelvin Duncan, Univ. of Canterbury, New Zealand

"Resampling Stats can take students to a higher plane of learning -- one in which important statistical concepts cease to be abstractions and acquire concreteness. That is revolutionary . . . statistics becomes a tool instead of a dreaded required course." -- Prof. R.F. Pelaez, Univ. of Houston

"[My students] had no trouble catching on to the language . . . Thanks for a great product. I hope others have discovered what a new approach can do to increase knowledge and understanding for their students." -- L.J. Krupicka, Director of Student Services, Westmont High School, Westmont, IL

"A great way to learn statistics." S. Smith, Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

"Great."--D. Ziebart, Dept. of Accountancy, Univ. of Illinois

"A wonderful teaching tool . . . to teach concepts to engineers." -- D. Paxson, Florida Power & Light (Baldridge Quality Award winner)

". . . the course is going very well, due in considerable part to your neat package." -- D. Walter, UCLA

"[Resampling Stats] has distinct advantages over Minitab in [Monte Carlo simulation] . . . I was able to explain even to my grandson the Resampling Stats program for this problem and he is a sixth grader. When I tried to explain the Minitab version, he is lost!" -- Prof. V.N. Murty, Penn State Univ.

"We like your software very much . . . very nice." -- L. Snell, Dartmouth College

"An accessible, intuitive approach to stats -- and these features are not lost on students, even the beginners." -- K. Meyer, The Thacher School, Ojai, CA

". . . an exceptional package for introducing business students to statistical thinking!!" -- M. Rosenzweig, Bryant College

". . . a great method of teaching probability and stats." -- H. Smith, Sociology Dept., Univ. of Missouri

"The material is fantastic, and will fit in precisely where it's needed . . . you and your organization are to be congratulated on a superb product provided with incomparable speed." -- R. Chrisjohn, Treaty & Tribal Council, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"With resampling, the course was a great success . . . There's no other software I could have used for this statistics course." -- M. Russo, Univ. of Iowa

"Get[s] you right into the resampling . . . a wonderful tool for teaching statistics." -- J.F. Rieger, Smithsonian Institution

"[Resampling Stats] should be an integral part of every statistics curriculum." -- Prof. P. Pathak, Dept. of Math & Statistics, Univ. of New Mexico

"I used [Resampling Stats] to do a statistical test that was presented recently at a conference (analysis of trend data from a finite population), and was thrilled that RS quickly provided me the answer, which I couldn't get by conventional canned stats packages." -- P. Gaffney, College of Marine Studies, Univ. of Delaware

"I have found the ease of use lets students use the program within minutes of sitting down at the computer." -- J. Harvey, Moss Landing Marine Labs, Moss Landing, CA

"Since I like to emphasize to students that stats are really just a formalized component of critical thinking, your resampling approach fits right in: You are drawn to asking the fundamental questions of probability." -- B. Goodman, Decision Resources

"I am really impressed with this software. It seems to offer some powerful learning possibilities and have a very short training period." -- P. Ballew, 1991 Presidential Award winner in Secondary Mathematics

The only reason why traditional tests are still being used instead of permutation-based tests (at least in the biological literature) is because user-friendly software such as Resampling Stats wasn't available until recently, limiting the use of these tests to those who could do simple computer programming. In my opinion, every university statistics course/department should have a copy of your program. It's a great product. Tim Demmons, Queens University