What Reviewers Say

Excerpts from Reviews

"In three 2-hour sessions using Resampling Stats [in class] we covered simulation methods for probability distributions, confidence limits using the bootstrap, hypothesis testing using randomization tests . . . we got some very positive responses from the students, especially the less mathematically able . . . it is highly acceptable to students with a range of mathematical abilities."--C. Ricketts and J. Berry in Teaching Statistics, Summer 1994

"Resampling Stats is the kind of well-researched, well-piloted software teachers and learners ask for and enjoy."--The Mathematics Teacher, September 1988

". . . well designed and easy to use . . . well-documented . . . a powerful tool for quickly performing simulation and randomization experiments."--D. Robinson, in The Statistics Teacher Network Newsletter, September 1991

"Resampling Stats makes computer-intensive methodologies like resampling, bootstrapping and Monte Carlo techniques easily accessible the resampling approach to statistical inference is on the rise and may well someday entirely eclipse the traditional approaches most of us studied in our college days." Social Science Computer Review, Fall 1997

". . . a valuable teaching tool . . . the current situation in teaching probability and statistics, especially to non-technical students, is bleak . . . The benefits and the educational value of [resampling] will be obvious to anybody with the experience of teaching introductory probability and statistics courses." -- OR/MS Today, April 1995

"[The bootstrap] is destined to become a statistical method of choice . . . Perhaps the greatest disappointment coming from the first decade of the bootstrap was the failure of major statistical software developers to incorporate its methods into their popular statistics packages . . . Resampling Stats is a recent and welcome move in this direction." -- Chance, Winter 1994

"Its intriguing approach sets it apart from traditional statistics packages." -- A. Ellison, Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, September 1992

"The reviewer has used . . . Resampling Stats for a finite mathematics class to experiment with problems in probability. Since the resampling method requires no mathematical formulas, the students needed to clearly understand each question involved. They then employed their critical thinking skills to break down the probabilistic question into required steps, and wrote their Resampling Stats program for computer processing. The students have found it quite enjoyable to solve the mathematical problems using this method. It is really an innovative approach in statistical problem solving." -- J. Mah, Springbank High School, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in The AMATYC Review