What Authors Say

Comments from Statistics Text Book Authors

"The more I work with Resampling Stats, the more impressed I become. Its ease of use and computational speed are great . . . We need programs like yours." -- W. Becker, Indiana Univ. and author of Business and Economic Statistics with Computer Applications

"Students loved Resampling Stats, even those who thought they hated computing. I loved it too . . . Four-star rating from my students -- and me." -- Prof. T.H. Wonnacott, Dept. of Statistics, The Univ. of Western Ontario and author of Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics

"The further I have gotten into my writing project the more respect I have for Resampling Stats." -- Prof. C. Lunneborg, Univ. of Washington

"Resampling Stats software has particularly convenient commands for resampling. This simplicity makes the software ideal for statistical novices." -- P. Westfall and S. Young, Resampling-Based Multiple Testing (Wiley, 1993)